Czech partners about BL GROUP

Czech partners about BL GROUP

Czech partners about BL GROUP


In November 2016 NAICA luminaires manufactured by BOOS GERMANY (part of BL GROUP) were delivered to the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic, within a pilot project of street lighting in Likhovarskaya Street.

As a result of this project, BL GROUP established a productive partnership with Ostravske komunikace, a.s. The main activity pf the company is development of urban infrastructure elements and their maintenance.

After 6 months of luminaires’ operation, BL GROUP received a reference to the project from Ostravske komunikace, a.s., confirming a high quality of the lighting equipment delivered, as well as of service.

Ostravske komunikace, a.s. confirms that:
”In 2016, BL Group Europe GmbH supplied NAICA lamps in quantity of 30 pieces; the fixtures were installed on street lighting poles in Likhovarskaya Street in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The fixtures were duly delivered to the office of Ostravske komunikace, a.s. on the agreed date, the lamps were of the required quality and met the technical standards.

The supplier replied without undue delay to all the comments and wishes of the customer during drafting and execution of the contract and in course of selection of the most suitable lighting for the terrain.

Ostrava, December 30, 2016

Daniel Lyčka, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ostravske komunikace, a.s.”