BL Group presented architectural and artistic illumination to owners of FC Groningen (the Netherlands)

BL Group presented architectural and artistic illumination to owners of FC Groningen (the Netherlands)

BL Group presented architectural and artistic illumination to owners of FC Groningen (the Netherlands)


On April 25, 2018, the delegation of BOOS headed by SvetoProekt LLC Art Director Karsten Winkels presented the architectural and artistic lighting project of the EUROBORG stadium, the home arena of Groningen football team (Netherlands), to the management of the club.

For the presentation, a test stand was built by Company Wunschleuchten GmbH, member of BOOS on the façade of the building on the basis of Perseus LED RGBW luminaires, customized specifically for the project. Three light stripes of white and green flowers, the FC Groningen colors, became the basis of the colour-dynamic scenario with interactive components. In addition to the ‘football’ scenarios in white and green colors of FC Groningen, different scenarios can be prepared using various color solutions for events and celebrations. The highlight of the concept is that any of the townspeople can participate in the creation of light projections - clap their hands, shout out the "chant" or sing the hymn - the light reacts to the sound, animating the space. The architectural and artistic lighting project also provides for the option of a "roll-call" for the fans already sitting in the stands, and fans who are outside the bowl of the stadium.

Before the presentation, Karsten Winkels in an interview with the local television revealed the idea of the artistic design of the building:

This is the first installation of the stadium façade lighting. We developed the idea to light this façade three or four years ago; since we started this project we have done many tests. Now we have developed the LED RGBW light lines. As you could see a little bit later, you could choose every colour you want, since there are more than 16 million colours possible to choose. It was my idea to create an interactive façade. I think, Groningen will have the first interactive façade on the stadium wall in Europe, and probably in the world. This means that we will have shouting points with microphones and, thus, the stripes will play. The stripe design is what we have now, but we can also have blocks; now we have here three light lines only for the test stand, our mockup here, and later we plan to do it in the whole façade, including the rival area, and the people could play with the façade.

From how far do you see the light?

I think, you will see the light from hundreds of meters. We have done this design for people entering the city from the EuropaWeg, the autobahn nearby, and that’s very interesting, you will see it if there’s colourful light, could see it in the night. I think that for the first time since this stadium exists, the people should understand that it’s a stadium. When I was there for the first time, the navigator told me “go to the left, the stadium is 100 meters away”, I looked around and said, “Hey! Where’s the stadium, I don’t understand where’s the stadium”. But we will do real stadium lighting now, so the people will understand there’s something here, and that’s our stadium, the stadium of Gronningen!

As you said, the light can change to every colour, so you can use it for every event, for everything.

Yes, we could use it for everything. I know in two days there’s King’s Day, therefore you will also see a little bit of orange in the façade (orange is the color of the Oranje-Nassau dynasty, ruling in the Netherlands since the XIX century). Maybe for the next year’s King’s Day we will have an orange scenario for the stadium.