Nowadays at the world market the BL Group Europe GmbH is represented with R&D, with the centre in Spain, the industrial sites in Germany (WunschLeuchten GmbH) and in Russia (Holding company BL Group), and with the trade representations in Armenia and in India.

Using the experience gotten during the projects realizations in Armenia, Spain, Germany, Holland, India, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and other countries and having executed more than 6700 large projects, under the trademark “boos” we have consolidated the multinational team formed with the professionals from the different corners of the world, who know how to speak, how to think and how to dream in the language of the lighting engineering.



The production of the BL Group Europe GmbH will be shown for the first time on the exhibition “Light+Building 2016” under the new trademark “boos’’, which has been registered on November 4, 2015.

The trademark name “boos” is based on the Dutch origins and the last name of Boos, on the fundamental lighting engineering education, and on the traditions of the family dynasty of the lighting technicians in three generations.

Great scientific, industrial and technological capacity of the BL Group Europe GmbH, which combines all possible branch directions (conceptual solutions, design, and engineering, production of the luminaires of different applications and of the steel constructions, intelligent control systems development, аnd also installation and technical support of the lighting equipment during operation), allows it to realize the lighting projects of any complexity degree for the customers benefits.

The company has put all its knowledge, skills, and acquirements into the development of new innovative products under the trademark “boos” by consolidating the efforts and the experience of several generations of German lighting technicians, by using the competencies of the leading Spanish professionals, and basing on the current branch trends in general.

By collaborating the company industrial sites, which are located in different countries, provide the complete cycles of the lighting fittings production of any complexity degree. All products undergo the detailed check-out in the certified laboratories for safety, durability and aptitude for use in variable environmental conditions. Production processes, output products are certified and fully comply with the international quality standards IEC, ISO 9001, 14001, 18000, and with the European regulations CE and ENEC.

The experts of the BL Group Europe GmbH conduct their business in cooperation with the wide range of the companies and professional associations all over the world, including IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers).

On March 13-18, 2016 the new luminaires NAICA, CORDOBA, GRANADA for the lighting all of the modern urban areas and the whole range of the classic samples of the lighting equipment with the implementation of the innovative LED-solutions will be presented on the booth of the BL Group Europe GmbH No 014358881 during the exhibition “Light+Building 2016” under the trademark “boos”.

The set of the technology solutions LightAdapt, FlexiFlux, 4K, Xbin, NightBalance and BlueVolt, which have been engineered and used by our specialists in “boos” products, shows the high rates of equipment efficiency and the return on investments for the customers. For these reasons we shall be happy to share the information about our innovations and to lift the veil on our know-how secrets for the visitors of the BL Group Europe GmbH booth.